Faraja is a Swahili word that means “comfort,” that is why we at Faraja Safaris aim at building your best experiences at your comfort. Through tourism and travel we connect your spirit of adventure to your fantasy bringing them to life and at the same time giving you a home away from home customized experience. We are the number one tour operator and travel agency in East Africa looking out for your safari needs at your comfort.


As tour operators, we have currently 16 top tour destinations listed as countries with sub-destinations under them categorized in packages right from cultural/heritage, wildlife, leisure, academic, business and backpacking. This is simply because we respect and understand that people travel for different reasons.

Under our categories, one is able to choose a specific reason where they would like to travel and experience the world. Each destination comes best recommended for a specific category. When a category is selected, you as our client are able to know what destination is suitable and activities are available. At the same time, our team will create for you an itinerary that suites exactly your needs and make for you arrangements on where to stay or sleep during your visit alongside the most favorable prices in your budget.
Here is a brief about some of our packages;

  1. Backpacking
    Under this package we organize usually group camping trips for our clients at attractions of their choice, these may include beaches (on ocean, lake or river shores), game reserve parks (wildlife), forests or green nature covered environments, world heritage sites, cultural sites and cultural communities, hence clients usually use tents. Some activities engaged in here may include nature walks, boat cruises, hot air balloon tours, horse riding, banji jumping, rafting, skydiving and much more.
  2. Wild Life Tours
    Under this, we help our clients explore the wild usually in nationally run game reserves with respective wild animals or birds based on the client’s preference. Our clients have game park drives reaching out to habitats of the sought out wild life. On some of the tours, clients may also choose to do backpacking.
  3. Leisure
    Here we look out for clients who seek to just have fun, usually honeymooners, baecations, family trips or even friends’ hangouts. Our clients here usually seek high relaxation experience. They may choose to visit major towns, cities and get involved in fun activities such as dinners, shopping, town-drives, boat cruises, hot air balloon tours, horse riding, banji jumping, rafting, skydiving and much more.
  4. Culture and Heritage
    Our way of life can best be described as culture, and as its said, great travelers are great thinkers simply because they are aware and respect diversity. Under our package, clients may seek to visit the UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites for learning purposes. Here clients can choose to have this package alongside backpacking or leisure. Activities in the sites would vary from site to site. However not limited to those, but rather to other attractions in the communities. Clients can choose a home stay programme or choose to volunteer for a cause under this package.
  5. Academic
    We also accommodate clients pursuing their Education through place-based learning in either an institutionalized manner (schools and intuitions of higher learning) or simply field research. This package becomes an enabler, connecting and facilitating your movements for this cause and were need be connect you to your subjects of study. If you are running documentaries, our team can help in airing of equipment and a team to ease our client’s the process professionally. Clients can also choose to have some of the other packages during this trip.
  6. Business
    Looking at our client’s travel needs for purposes of work. It may be in-form of investments, trade or meetings. In the same categories we cater for other clients who seek to attend or be part of conferences across the African region and globally. Our travel wing of Faraja Safaris will ensure to cover the booking of all your travel needs in terms of logistics. Clients can also choose to have some of the other packages during this trip.


Our travel department covers your logistical needs when it comes to your safaris, work or engagements. In here, our team handles, air ticketing, airport drops and pickups, car hire, hotel bookings and boat/cruise bookings hence ensuring service delivery at your comfort.

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    Research and Information/Blogging etc.