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Tour Overview

Zanzibar is an island in the Indian Ocean just off the mainland in Tanzania. It cannot be accessed by vehicles from the mainland so one has to cross over by water so as to conserve the tourism on the island and control the amount of poisonous carbon released by vehicles like cars, buses among others. Therefore, on this trip, we shall be covering over 1680 kilometers of road from Kampala to Dar es Salaam and then we will have a boat ride to the island and back to the mainland. Zanzibar, being a tourism city has got several tourism activities and attractions some of which we will engage in on this trip. Get ready to be awestruck!


Your Safari at a Glance

  • Day 1: Road trip from Kampala to Dar es Salaam
  • Day 2: Arrival in Dar es Salaam and boat ride to Zanzibar
  • Day 3: Visit to Stone Town
  • Day 4: Snorkeling and Swimming with the dolphins
  • Day 5: Rest and personal wandering
  • Day 6: Boat ride back to the mainland and road trip back to Kampala
  • Day 7: Arrival back to Uganda


Essential items to carry along for the trip:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Light clothes
  • A sarong to protect oneself from the wind and sand
  • A good lens camera
  • Light swimsuits
  • Sunhat
  • Insect repellent


This package price includes:

  • Transport
  • COVID-19 Tests and Certificates
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Boat ride
  • Bottled water
  • Payment for activities included in the itinerary


This package does not include:

  • Any personal shopping
  • Extra excursions
  • Personal insurance
  • Airport pickups and drop-offs
  • Yellow fever immunization
  • Extra activities not included on the itinerary

Accommodation facilities stated above are not fixed. Alternative accommodation can be arranged depending on the client’s preference.


Day 1: Road trip from Kampala to Dar es Salaam

We will set off from Kampala early morning at 5:00am for the Uganda-Kenya border at Busia where we will clear and head on our journey. We will then crossover from Kenya to Tanzania via Namanga. We will then complete our 12-hour drive from Namanga to Dar es Salaam early on the morning of day 2. Which means that we will spend the night on the road.


Day Two: Arrival in Dar es Salaam and boat ride to Zanzibar.

Upon arrival in Dar es Salaam, we will rest for our breakfast before boarding a ferry to Zanzibar Island, and this will be the official beginning of our fun-filled exploration! We will check into our accommodation at Kilima Kidogo Hotel, which is on the beach so we can enjoy the breeze of the ocean firsthand. We will then have the rest of the day for resting and healing from the fatigue of the journey.

Meal plan: Half Board


Day 3: Visit to Stone Town

Stone Town is an old part of Zanzibar city and is located on the Western coast of Unguja, the main Island of Zanzibar Archipelago. It is also known as Mji Mkongwe by the local people of Tanzania. While in Stone Town, we will visit Forodhani Food Market and taste the variety of coastal foods! Get your tastebuds and tummies ready for this treat! We will also visit and wander the Old Fort, learn about Zanzibar’s Sultans at the Palace Museum, marvel at the mixture of religious buildings and pay witness to the former Slave market along with visiting the sea route to India! All this will be a lot of walking which requires us to be prepared for the mileage. We will still have our dinner and overnight at Kilima Kidogo Hotel.

Meal Plan: Half Board


Day 4: Snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins at Mnemba Island Reef.

We will have a dolphin tour at the Island reef. One should note that Zanzibar has got a population of over 1000 dolphins which move in groups of 10-30 and so one has a great chance of viewing a number of these groups whilst swimming alongside them! We will then go snorkeling and diving in the reef and Sandbank as we view several species of fish which include, Angel fish, black snappers, groupers, octopuses, blue spotted rays, red tooth triggers, among others. We will still have our overnight at Kilima Kidogo Hotel.
Meal plan: Half Board


Day 5: Rest and personal excursions/ island wandering

This will be a day for us to enjoy wandering the island and discovering new things at leisure. While others might prefer to stay in or chill on the beach, those still fascinated by the walking experiences through the narrow streets of the island can treat themselves as long as they move with a tour guide who will ensure that they don’t get lost in the vast city.


Day 6: Boat ride back to the mainland and road trip back to Kampala via Kenya

After enjoying our delicious and last breakfast on the Island, we will get back on a ferry back to the mainland at Dar es Salaam where will then start on our road trip back to Kampala, Uganda, through Kenya.



Day 7: Arrival back to Kampala and end of road trip

We will arrive in Uganda and back to Kampala where we shall end our road trip from filled with many fond memories of the beautiful destinations visited!