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Tour Overview

Entanda cultural center is a community-based initiative located in Kijjude village in Mityana. With the aim of preservation of nature and culture, the Baganda people of this community devised ways to do both whilst being able to maintain their authenticity. On this excursion, we will be able to participate some of these traditional activities like hunting, food preparation, “senga” and “kojja” talks that are given to their children when they get to adulthood. We will be treated to a fruit buffet which is out together from locally grown fruits in season at the time. We will also be served with locally produced food and honey. Then we will be entertained with traditional music, dance and drama.


Your Safari at a Glance

  • Fruit buffet
  • Tree planting
  • Hunting and food preparation
  • Elders’ talks (“senga” and “kojja”) talks
  • Traditional music dance and drama
  • Friendly soccer match with host community’s team


The package includes:

  • Transport
  • Lunch
  • Fruit buffet
  • Tree seedlings
  • Entrance fee
  • Bottled water
  • Activities on the itinerary



Set off from Kampala we will set off for Mityana, which is a 2 hours’ drive to Entanda Cultural center located in Kijjude village. Upon arrival, we will be welcomed into the community by traditional music and dance, which comes along with a lecture about the community and their initiative. The lecture entails knowledge about the culture and traditional ways of the Baganda.



we will be separated for 1 hour; into 2 groups of ladies and gents and the ladies will be taken to learn the preparation of “luwombo”, which is the traditional food of the Baganda. Meanwhile, the gentlemen will be treated to traditional hunting lessons which was always done by the men of the homestead to provide for their families.


At Midday

we will come together to feast on the fruit buffet which is an assortment all kinds of fruits that are in season at the time. These may include mangoes, watermelons, oranges, jackfruit, pineapples, passion fruits, yellow bananas, among others. You can take as many as you can and even be able to pack some for eating on the journey back later in the evening.



we will still get back to our groups of ladies and gents and are taken for “senga” and “Kojja” talks, respectively. This is where we learn a bit of traditional sex education of the Baganda which, for centuries has been transferred down by elders onto children when it is time for them to start their own families.




we will then have our lunch, have a short rest before each one of us planting a fruit tree for sustainability of the community project and their future provision of fruit buffets.



we will then go for our friendly soccer match with the community soccer team. Let’s make sure we win! We will then head back to Kampala after a wonderful day out!