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Tour Overview

Every year, we aim at making the East African tourism product known to as many east Africans as possible through scheduling, planning, and making an annual International Youth Camp happen. We call it “starting a new year in style”! this year, we are having it in Mombasa, on the coast of Indian Ocean and it’s a whole experience of a lifetime that you shouldn’t miss for anything. On this trip, we will get to experience what camping on the great shores of the ocean!


Your Safari at a Glance

  • Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Nairobi via Busia
  • Day 2: Drive to Mombasa, Malindi
  • Day 3: Swimming in the ocean at Mida Creek Echo camp
  • Day 4: Mamba Reptile Village and Fort Jesus
  • Day 5: Marine Park Blue safari
  • Day 6: Vasco Da Gama monument and drive to Nairobi
  • Day 7: Drive back to Kampala


Essential items to pack for the trip:

  • Petty cash for snacks along the long drives to and from Nairobi on the first and last days of the trip.
  • Heavy and warm clothes for the Nights spent in Nairobi
  • Light clothes for the days and nights spent in Mombasa
  • Good lens camera for beautiful photography
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Enough change of clothes for the 7 days
  • Comfortable footwear, preferably open shoes/ sandals for the coast
  • Olive oil for foot massages after long days of travel.


This package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Main meals minus breakfast and lunch of day 1, and lunch and dinner of the last day of tour
  • Photography
  • Activities
  • Entrance fees at attractions
  • COVID-19 tests
  • Transportation


This package does not include:

  • Personal shopping
  • Personal excursions taken during the rest days
  • Extra meals
  • Snacks along the journeys to and from Nairobi

NOTE: Accommodation facilities stated above are not fixed. Alternative accommodation can be arranged depending on the client’s preference.


Day 1: Drive from Kampala to Nairobi via Busia

We will set off from Kampala at 5:00am for our 13-hour drive to Nairobi, with a stopover at Busia to clear with the different immigration offices at the Uganda-Kenya border at Busia. We will not have any other long stopover on our way to Nairobi so we will personally buy simple snacks or food from the border that will keep us going till supper time in Nairobi where we will check into our accommodation for overnight.


Day Two: Drive to Mombasa, Malindi.

Due to the long journey the day before, we shall have breakfast and checkout of accommodation by 9:00am so that we can set off to Mombasa, Malindi where our real experience we will begin! Nairobi to Mombasa is an 8-hour drive via Mombasa road through Tsavo National Park. The drive through the park is a very scenic one with chances of viewing game while in the park. It is essential to reduce the speed while on that highway to avoid accidents involving crossing the road. And because we must have left the park by nighttime, we must leave Nairobi early enough so that we can arrive in Mombasa while its still day time. We will have a simple/short lunch at Voi. Our dinner and overnight will be at Mida Echo Creek Camp.


Day 3: Swimming in the ocean and relaxation at Mida Creek Echo Camp

This day will be one for lounging and relaxing ourselves after 2 days on the road. Those who would wish to take short excursions and walks in Malindi town will have this day for doing exactly that and relaxing in every way they know best.
Meal Plan: Full Board still at Mida Creek Echo Camp.


Day 4: Fort Jesus and Mamba Reptile Village.

After an early breakfast, we will set off at 9:00am for Mombasa-Mamba Reptile Village where we will visit one of the biggest crocodile sanctuaries of the world! We will also view and participate in the feeding of these magnificent reptiles and other reptile species while at the center.

After having lunch in Mombasa town, we will then visit Fort Jesus, the great ancient home and military base of the Portuguese, Oman Arabs, and British soldiers, respectively. It has been standing since the 16trh Century and is a source of a sense of belonging for the diverse peoples of the coast ie; the Turkish, Portuguese, Arab, Swahili and native people of Mombasa. While at this magnificently carved Fort, be prepared to learn fascinating aspects of these peoples and the breathtaking fact that it was all carved in real Coral Reefs that you have been studying in your geography classes!
We will drive back to Malindi, Mida Creek Echo Camp for our dinner and overnight in our camping tents.


Day 5: Marine Park Blue Safari

This Safari includes visiting the Marine park, viewing the different fish species and ocean dwelling creatures, feeding and swimming alongside them and a visit to Sardegna Due island where we will engage in snorkeling, beach games, swimming in extremely clear blue waters of the Indian ocean! We will as a matter of fact have our lunch on the ocean and enjoy music dance and drama to our fill!
In the evening, we will have our dinner at the famous Simba Dishes; this is the hotspot for the best coastal cuisines that will leave your mouthwatering! A visit to the coast can never be whole without sharing a meal at Simba Dishes and every coastal person will tell you the same! We will then get back to our accommodation at Mida Creek Echo Camp for overnight. Please note that we will enjoy nightlife at the camp since we cannot go clubbing due to the Coronavirus.


Day 6: Vasco Da Gama and drive back to Nairobi

After breakfast and checkout of the camping site, we will have a short detour to the Vasco da Gama monument in Kilifi on our way back to Nairobi.

We will then embark on our 8-hour drive to Nairobi with a stopover at Voi for lunch. We will arrive and check into our accommodation Nairobi where we will have our dinner and overnight for a restful night.



Day 7: Drive back to Kampala

We will checkout of our accommodation after breakfast at 9:00am and prepare to set off for our 13-hour drive back to Kampala via Busia border. We will have a short photography stopover at the Great Rift valley along Nakuru-Kisumu highway.
On this journey, we will also have a stopover in Kisumu at a supermarket to buy snacks and simple food that will take us through the long drive since we will not have a structured lunch stopover since we want to be back in Kampala as early as possible so as to beat curfew.

End of Safari.